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Video Diary – Day 31/30

Day 31/30 – Blooper Reel

Who knew that 30 days later I would opt to publish the bloopers too?!
All 30 videos were unprepared, unscripted & off the cuff. Most were first takes but there was the occasional mishap.
This challenge has proven useful in reducing my fears about ‘public’ speaking.


Video Diary – Day 30

Day 30 – At the In-Law’s

My lovely in-law’s, Blue Label Johnny Walker Whisky and a unicorn!

Day 30 of 30.  Glad that’s over!

Video Diary – Day 28

Day 28 – Good Hair Day

Spent a lovely morning with my niece at LT Hair.  She did a grand job on my colour.  She gave me a proper wash, thorough rinse and patiently blow dried it while the sun streamed through the window.

Love you Leticia! xXx

Video Diary – Day 29

Day 29 – #unicornspotting

Mystical, magical creatures that sparkle.

In order of appearance:

Glasgow, St.Vincent St Post Office

Siena, Contrada del Leocorno

London, Buckingham Palace

Richmond, Angelica’s Living Room

Kensington Palace, Hyde Park

Video Diary – Day 26

Day 26 – Mum’s Roses

Glasgow sits 55°51′N (North of the equator) and 4°16′W (West of Greenwich) according to the imaginary lines encircling the globe that humans have been using for centuries to find our way around.

The Prime Meridian (0° E/W) can be seen at Greenwich observatory.

The Anti-meridian (180° E/W) can be seen on the Fijian islands of Vanua Levu, Rabi and Taveuni.

London sits 51°30′N

If you asked me where was the furthest North I’ve ever lived I would have said Canada’s Frozen North, Fort McMiddle-of-Nowhere-Murray (56°44′N). With 7 months of snow per year it felt like the North Pole to me.

Similarly I would have said Brunei (4°53′N) was the closest to the Equator because of its incessant heat and lush rainforests.

I would have been wrong on both counts.

WESTERNMOST: Fort McMurray sits 56°44′N, 111°23′W

NORTHERNMOST: Aberdeen sits 57°09′N, 2°07′W

FYI: London sits 51°30′N, 0°08′W

EASTERNMOST: Brunei sits 4°53′N, 114°57′E

SOUTHERNMOST: Kuala Lumpur sits 3°09′N, 101°42′E

Video Diary – Day 25

Day 25 – Stik

Stik is a London artist who created Stik using only 6 lines and 2 dots.  Stik speaks to people from all walks of life because social problems are human problems.  I first met Stik just after we arrived in London.  There was a massive Past, Present & Future looking 30m-high mural on the gable end of the building next to our flat.  I’ve spotted him around London quite a few times over the past year.  I love Stik.