Monthly Archives: August 2015

Wanderlust World Tour

It’s no big deal, or it’s quite an achievement, haven’t decided yet; in March I completed 40 years on this planet.
Regardless, I’m using it as an excuse to lavish myself with the one thing that I love more than anything…quality time with my friends.
For most that would mean throwing a party and inviting all fabulous friends to come and celebrate the occasion.  For me, it’s a little more complicated; my fabulous friends are scattered across four continents.
GG is the most amazing husband I could have dreamt of, if I had ever dreamt of a husband, and luckily, I get to see him every day.  His gallant gift to me was a fairly embarrassing photobook of my first 40 years and a ticket which allows me to visit my chosen people all around this dusty planet.
My friends have been warned, I will be working my way round to them in the not too distant future.  What I have requested from them is some quality time if they can spare it, and a wee autograph in my photobook. That’s all.
I’ve asked them not to buy me anything.  I want nothing except their company but if they feel the need to spend some cash to please make a donation to their favourite charity, or one of mine: